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Grape harvest
Grape harvest
Grapes after harvest
Grapes before harvest La vendange

Château Carbonneau is situated at the eastern limits of Gironde belonging to both the communes of Pessac sur Dordogne and Gensac at an altitude of 75m above sea-level. It produces wine under the Sainte Foy Bordeaux appellation which is part of the group Côtes de Bordeaux.

The vineyard is planted on south-west facing clay limestone slopes. The proximity of the Dordogne river combined with the rolling countryside is particularly suited to growing grapes. The Atlantic climate and hot dry summers are ideal growing conditions for the vines and allow the grapes to ripen perfectly.

grape varieties and surfaces in 2013

Merlot 9,83 ha 48%
Cabernet Franc 3,98 ha 19%
Cabernet Sauvignon 2,62 ha 13%
Malbec 0,50 ha 2%
Total Reds 16,93 ha 72%
Sauvignon Blanc 2,80 ha 14 %
Sémillon 0,73 ha 4 %
Total Whites 3,53 ha 18%
Total vineyard  20,46 ha  

Vineyard management

The vineyard is managed by the owner and a consultant, Lilian Bachelerie. The vines are trained in the traditional manner respecting both the environment and modern wine growing techniques. The rows are spaced 2 metres apart on half the property and 3 metres for the other half. We strive to produce optimum quality while at the same time preserving the soil and fauna. For example we use the manure from our herd of cattle and chemical spraying is done in accordance with the Service for the Protection of the Environment.